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"Your Success Is Our Goal"
Your Success Is Our Goal
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The Bottom Line

That's what counts in business
Marketing campaigns, that don't meet your sales and efficiency goals directly affect your bottom line.

At SML Marketing, we understand this.

After all, marketing is our business.

     Based in Daytona Beach, FL, our principals,  have been involved in vacation ownership marketing for more than 20 years. In addition to running their own company, they have worked in sales and marketing for several multi-site vacation clubs that have achieved more than $159 million in annual sales.

     When vacation ownership resorts-corporate or individually owned-decide to open a new location, many use their "in house" marketing programs that have worked in the past. But they soon find out that every area has its own "personality" that makes "cookie cutter" marketing programs less than successful.
     Then they turn to SML Marketing.

 At SML Marketing, we do things differently. Working closely with developers, project managers and marketing executives, we design individual programs to meet our clients' needs. No "cookie cutters" here.

     After all, it is your bottom line.


About the Owners

Laurie Borasky
Born and Raised in Connecticut , I met and married the man of my dreams in 1980 and moved to Daytona Beach in 1982. I started my first "Timeshare" job as a tour desk greeter. I loved marketing then and still love it 28 years later. Now married for 30 years, 3 grown children and hundreds of pet saves, thousands of great employees along the road, I am ready to bring all this experience, clear commitment, values, skills, and out of the box thinking to your table. My hard work and commitment in the marketing field is nationally known. Let us be your next project.

Michelle Carrasquillo
Native of New York City, I moved to Daytona Beach in August of 1984 where I met my husband of 25 years and have 2 wonderful teenage boys. My first job as a Timeshare Sales Representative was in December of 1984. Being intrigued with the concept of "Timeshare" I needed to learn and work all facets of the industry from generating tours off the beach to selling them at the resort. Over the last 26 years, I learned a great deal about the industry and realized I have a passion for marketing and a genuine concern to "find a solution". I have taken my passion for marketing, business knowledge and the experience along with my ethics and dedication and surrounded myself with partners committed to going the extra mile and achieving the goal. I believe "Any good business relationship should feel more like a partnership" and I welcome you to grow and succeed with us!

Susan Yost
Born and raised in Greensboro North Carolina with two great sons and one grandson I moved to Florida in 1984 where I became Director of Sales for Consolidated Inns. Consolidated Inns owned and operated seven resorts in Florida. I was in charge of marketing for all seven of their resorts. In 1996 one of the resorts was purchased by Epic Resorts who converted it into Timeshare. I was then hired by their Vice President of Marketing Laurie Borasky.  Fourteen years and hundreds of thousand of tours later and many marketing programs to our credit, we have moved on through the roughest of waters and are here to stay:" Your Success is our Goal and when you succeed we succeed. "

Visit our services page to see just a few of the ways we can help that bottom line grow.

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