SML Marketing, LLC
"Your Success Is Our Goal"
Your Success Is Our Goal

Flexibility For You

     SML Marketing provides one of the most extensive-and flexible-marketing programs in the vacation ownership industry.

     Because of our "don't leave any money on the table" philosophy, we have exit packages and programs (such as or owner and on-buyer referral programs) specifically designed to bring additional qualified prospects and non-buyers back to the resort. We use our years of expertise to 'work' these leads and deliver the prospects, thus helping developers cut their marketing costs by as much as 50%.

     And, because of our flexibility, SML Marketing can be compensated on a cost-per-tour basis; be retained to train your exiting team or we can run your entire marketing program.

     Typically, developers entering a new market place depend upon our expertise and knowledge (as well as our existing welcome centers) to-at least initially-handle the marketing end of the business while they and the project director concentrate on sales.
     In addition to the referral programs, other aspects of SML Marketing's marketing services include:

  • Sweepstakes programs

  • OPC programs

  • Call with permission

  • Vacation packages (selling our own or fulfilling yours)

  • Reception center staffing and training. Take the hassle out of this key first step to converting mini-vacs, enticing tour non-hooks, and upgrading current hooked tours.

  • Software solutions for tracking marketing payments and volume per tour reporting.

SML Marketing's marketing expertise-combined
with your sales force makes for a highly successful team.



Of course designing campaigns that catch the attention and imagination is just one part of SML Marketing's integrated marketing strategy. How you handle prospects to the direct mail and e-mail campaigns once they respond to your travel
offer is every bit as important as the offer itself.

     Our trained staff of knowledgeable and friendly professionals can handle all your inbound calls, scheduling a day tour, mini vac or simply acting as your customer service representatives. Because they realize the significance of first impressions
in dealing with someone responding to a travel offer, they know the importance of being courteous and helpful.

     And that willingness to be accommodating-to go the extra mile-pays substantial dividends in helping to put the prospect in the right frame of mind as they sit through your sales presentation.

     Most successful campaigns also require outbound telemarketing to recipients of your offer. "Chasing" mail guarantees a higher response rate and lower cost per tour. That is simple logic.

     But in today's heavily legislative atmosphere of Do Not Call lists, outbound telemarketing is anything but simple. Which is why we have a complete department whose specific function is to deal with the DNC issues and stay abreast of the latest
and pending state and national DNC regulations.

     After all, we represent you.


Reaching Your Targets.

Our creative staff can design an eye-catching direct mail campaign that reaches households that fit your specific demographics; family income, presence of kids, etc.

     By directly dealing only with the largest list companies (who are constantly 'cleaning' their lists and keeping them up-to-date)-rather than list brokers-we are able to penetrate your target markets effectively and efficiently, thus saving you money and adding a per tour value to your bottom line.

     In addition to reaching your audience of potential purchasers, these proven direct mail campaigns drive qualified mini-vacs and day tours to your sales room.



In addition to direct mail itself, SML Marketing also specializes in e-mail campaigns that reach your prospects as they relax and check the day's e-mails. Realizing the growth of SPAM and upcoming legislation to prevent companies from sending unwanted e-mails will definitely have to be addressed by most marketing companies, we have stayed "ahead of the curve."

     Our targeted e-mail campaigns are sent ONLY to those individuals who have opted-in to receive information about vacations, travel discounts, etc. One of the companies we deal with has more than 100 million such names. And they are
adding more each day as well as removing those people who no longer wish to receive this e-mail.

     Thus, their lists are among the 'cleanest' in the industry and the most efficient for your bottom line.


Knowledge Is Power

Knowing what works-and what doesn't-is an essential part of any marketing plan. After all, your marketing/sales
team have to be able to project tour flow, closing percentages, etc. to make your proformas work. That's where SML Marketing comes in.

     Our knowledge of which incentives and vacation certificates work-gained through years of experience-will help you navigate this sometimes confusing part of the successful marketing formula. Because we have dealt with nearly every incentive and travel company serving the vacation ownership industry, we can recommend the ideal product that will entice your specific demographic target to take a day tour or mini-vac.

     And, depending on the uniqueness of your product or the highly competitive market place in which it is located, we can even create a custom certificate that best fits your marketing needs. Of course, all of the certificates are just a phone call away.

     By using our expertise and knowledge, you save time and money and add to your bottom line. And isn't that why we're all in business?


The Smart Circle Program


Smart Circle International is moving travelers via its unique distribution outlets in retail and corporate events. Our travel booklet is producing heads on beds with a 17.5% marketing cost for sales departments. The travel booklet sells using live demonstrators in high traffic retail stores and events, serving several needs of any resort developer.  Their is no cost for participation and just the advertising value alone has excellent merit for any resort trying to stretch their marketing dollars.
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